Daniel Fone

Ruby/Rails Engineer


October 2020

Talking, Typing, Thinking: Software Is Not a Desk Job

September 2020

Browser Geolocation API Demo
Timing-Safe bcrypt Authentication in PostgreSQL

December 2014

Handling Token Generation Collisions In ActiveRecord
Generating Unique, Random Tokens
Efficient Uniqueness Validations
Unicode and Regex in Ruby 1.8
Fixing Connection Errors After Upgrading Postgres

November 2014

Devise causing a CookieOverflow error

May 2014

Upload Progress in Ruby with curb

February 2014

Customising Scaffold Views in Ruby on Rails

January 2014

Laziest possible solutions for Stripe's CTF

October 2013

Prototyping Web Applications in Rails 4

May 2013

Why You Should Never Rescue Exception in Ruby
Meeting Inspiration Halfway
Generating a Class Hierarchy in Ruby
Autoloading The Wrong Superclass with Rails
Persist Invalid Records with ActiveRecord
A better way to manage the Rails secret token
Managing Heroku Config Vars from the Web
Desire Paths in Web UI